The UK’s No.1 Family Run Steel Profiling Specialist


Colstan Profiles Ltd was established in 1989 by its present directors with only 2 machines, 2 employees and a 4,500 square foot unit.

28 Years Down the Line we now have a 20,000 Square foot unit still in the heart of the Black Country, 16 employees, 5 CNC Flame Cutting machines. Each machine is linked direct to the drawing office PC which is installed with the most up to date CAD/CAM system; this allows us the ability to receive customer’s drawings via email in many formats such as .dwg, Dxf and many more.

With the CAD/CAM System we are able to nest profiles on each plate maximizing plate utilization allowing us to give our customers the very best price.

We also offer Lumsden Grinding up to 135″ Dia!

What is Flame Cutting?

Flame Cutting is a propane & oxy process which is generally used for cutting thicker materials that laser or plasma machines are not capable of doing.

What is Lumsden Grinding?

Lumsden Grinding is the grinding of flat surfaces that provides a high level of accuracy,flatness and a more parallel part. Lumsden grinding is ideal for people who want to machine items from a guaranteed flat and parallel surface.