Steel bending
and flattening

CNC press brake bending

Achieve desired profiles

For all steel applications

Create versatile profiles through carefully controlled bending processes.

Colstan Profiles offers steel bending as part of our end-to-end provision for the high-quality profiling and fabrication of steel parts and components.

We work from flat laser or plasma profiled steel, cut inhouse by our team, to bend steel sheet to desired specifications, adhering closely to customer drawings.

Our service is designed for you to get your parts produced quickly and easily. Simply submit your part drawing through our website, and our team will provide you with a quotation. Following this, Colstan Profiles handles all areas of production you require, from profiling to fabrication and finishing.We work from our impressive steel stock to minimise time constraints on this.

Finally, we deliver your product to its designated location, safely and securely using our logistics fleet.

Bending services.

Our bending service is achieved on CNC press brakes for accuracy and part repeatability when achieving all types of bends and profiles.

At Colstan Profiles, we welcome high and low volume projects, for parts of all sizes and sheet thickness.

For all applications.

Our bending service is suitable for the creation of profiles used in a range of applications. Colstan Profiles has experience supplying bespoke parts and components across a multitude of industries.

We’re accredited with EN 1090 Execution Class 2 for construction applications, providing peace of mind that we meet the latest structural steel regulations.

Press braking is also an efficient method of achieving desired profiles, suitable for time sensitive projects.


Partnering with Colstan Profiles .

Colstan Profiles is a highly established profiling company with over thirty years’ time served.

Our reputation for quality and speed of service and production has grown alongside our capabilities, ensuring our customers can always rely on us to fulfil their requirements to the highest standard within project parameters.