Bevelling and
chamfering services

Laser and plasma chamfering

Tolerances of +/- 3mm

ISO 9001 / EN 1090 accredited

High precision bevelling and chamfering for edge cutting and weld prep.

Colstan Profiles’ edge chamfering capabilities are provided as part of our in-house, highly skilled profiling service, achieving bevels and chamfers of all angles on profiled steel.

Utilising the latest CNC equipment, including fiber laser and high-definition plasma machines, our chamfering operations are undertaken with accuracy and speed. We aim to streamline processes while adhering to exact specification requirements with tight tolerances of +/- 3mm.

In support of our dedication to precision cutting, Colstan Profiles is ISO 9001:2015 accredited for quality of our services and products, as well as EN 1090 (Execution Class 2) certified for constructional steel.

Weld prep.

For parts undergoing welding, our edge chamfering service helps to produce a high quality and sound weld by removing surface material at desired angles from the edges of the profiled part.

By removing the need for time consuming manual weld preparation, our customers benefit from a comprehensive yet simplified production process, with parts delivered to specification in a timely manner.

Edge Chanfering

CNC technology.

At Colstan Profiles, we have invested in the latest CNC technology to guide our processes, bolstering precision and efficiency.

We utilise state-of-the-art fiber laser cutters and high-definition plasma machines to undertake bevelling and chamfering operations. Our machinery further allows us to take on large and small volumes of profiled steel, in all grades and thicknesses, for this service.

A comprehensive approach.

When working with Colstan Profiles, we work from submitted drawings to achieve profiling to your exacting requirements, with further capabilities to support any additional fabrication and finishing processes.

Our edge chamfering is incorporated alongside profiling operations for increased efficiency. Combining cutting and chamfering into a single process saves both time and costs by reducing the number of steps required in production, allowing us to offer competitive quotes.