cutting services

CNC, multi-head machinery

16m x 3m flame cutter beds

Material gauge from 0.5mm - 300mm

An expert flame cutting service, provided by a specialist steel profiling company.

Colstan Profiles is equipped with the latest CNC flame cutting machinery for steel profiling as per your design specifications.

Our expert team ensures cost-effectiveness and accuracy through careful machinery programming and a streamlined cutting process, for success on even thick material.

When working with Colstan Profiles, our process couldn’t be easier:

  1. We work from your drawings, which can be submitted quickly and simply through our website, to provide you with a quotation.
  2. Once the quotation has been agreed, we will move into production; we hold a range of steels in stock to begin the project as quickly as possible.
  3. Once complete, your parts and components will be successfully delivered utilising our delivery fleet.

Our capabilities.

At Colstan Profiles, we utilise four flame cutting machines for capacity to take on all types of project sizes. Our machines have cutting beds of 16m x 3m, meaning we can undertake large workpieces or multiple cuts at once to streamline production.

Our machinery is suitable for material gauges between 0.5mm - 300mm.

Tight tolerances between +/- 1mm to +/- 6mm depending on thickness and length can be achieved.

Two-way cutting.

Colstan Profiles offers two-way cutting as a part of flame cutting capabilities. For project designs requiring more complex cuts, our expert two-way cutting service ensures precision and efficiency. Undertaken by our experienced team, you can be sure Colstan Profiles approaches every project with upmost dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Click here to submit your drawing and get in touch with us today to enquire about our flame cutting service.

Flame Cutting

Supplementary services.

Colstan Profiles provides secondary operations to ensure profiled parts are fettled and fabricated to expectation before despatch; this includes the removal of edge burrs which occur during the flame cutting process.

Secondary operations we can additionally provide include edge chamfering, machining, and finishing processes such as shot blasting. Take a look at our Services for the full list of secondary operations.