cutting services

CNC fiber laser cutting

3m x 1.5m laser cutting bed

Material gauge from 0.5mm to 25mm

Utilising state-of-the-art fiber laser cutting machines for your varied profiling needs.

Colstan Profiles provides an expert laser cutting service for the high-standard profiling of steel, with the ability to take on all project types for long- and short-term requirements.

Our reputation for speed and service ensures we can fulfil your profiling needs for a quality part within agreed lead times. This is owing to our skilled team, in-house CNC machinery, and automation technology, allowing us to perform precision laser cutting with complete efficiency.

Delivering to a wide range of industries, including parts and components designed for application in construction, transport, oil and gas, and agriculture, Colstan Profiles has experience supplying across many sectors.

For all of your steel laser cutting requirements, partner with Colstan Profiles.

Our capabilities.

Colstan Profiles utilises fiber laser cutter machines, enabling us to draw upon the latest innovations to maintain our quality and efficiency standards. Fiber laser cutting offers greater precision and speed over its C02 counterpart, allowing us to keep costs and lead times down.

We utilise a 3m x 1.5m laser cutting machine bed to cut material thickness from 0.5mm to 25mm, with tight tolerances for precision to your specifications.

We further hold over 1000 tonnes of steel in stock, covering a wide range of material grades and thicknesses. Our steel stock capabilities mean we’re able to provide a fast response to production requests.

Laser Cutting

Supported by auxiliary services.

Colstan Profiles offers a range of additional services to support the fabrication of your laser cut steel parts.

Our auxiliary services include Lumsden grinding, machining and finishing, ensuring that your parts are made to excel in their environment and are delivered minus any surface defects or imperfections.

Etching requirements.

As part of our marking capabilities using laser cutting machinery, Colstan Profiles can provide high contrast etching on your steel parts.

We recommend etching for parts undergoing further machining and assembly processes, streamlining fabrication operations as well as part identification.