Lumsden rotary grinding

48” and 60” diameter machines

Working to ISO quality standards

Lumsden grinding provides a high rate of material removal, for a time- and cost-efficient grinding process.

Colstan Profiles offers in-house Lumsden grinding as part of our steel profiling capabilities, further enhancing materials cut by us with professional grinding, fabrication, and finishing operations.

During the grinding process, our team is guided by the specifications supplied in customer drawings to achieve your desired part thickness. We work to industry standard tolerances of +/- 0.25mm (10 thou) as a part of this.

Equipped with both 48” and 60” diameter machines, our service is suitable for projects of all sizes with the capability to provide grinding of several products at once, as well as the production of small and large steel products.

Rotary grinding.

We offer Lumsden rotary grinding. This method is suitable for material removal across large surface areas and achieves a higher rate of removal compared to alternative methods, such as surface grinding.

Lumsden grinding produces a high standard of finish. Additionally, our grinding operations can be supported by further fabrication and finishing services if required by your project.


Accuracy and efficiency.

Colstan Profiles’ skilled and experienced team achieve precision grinding on our Lumsden machine, working to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

Our operations have been perfected over our decades of establishment to provide our clients with a streamlined and simplified subcontracted service. This can be provided as part of a comprehensive solution for profiled steel parts, or as a stand-alone grinding service.

Our process.

Choosing Colstan Profiles as your subcontract partner for steel profiling and auxiliary operations such as Lumsden grinding means you’re choosing experience, expertise, and access to the latest equipment and technology.

We frequently work with engineers, steel fabricators and heavy machinists to fulfil requirements for sectors such as construction, transport, agriculture and many more.