Stress normalising

Reduce residual stress

Normalising / stress relieving techniques

Achieved to industry standards

Reduce internal stress in steel components and achieve desired properties with heat treatment services, including normalising and stress relieving.

At Colstan Profiles, we’ve developed our service to meet the needs of your project from initial stages of production to completion. This means we work from customer drawings to undertake profiling, secondary services, and finishing operations, delivering a comprehensive service for all of your requirements.

As a part of this, we can provide heat treatment for steel, relieving stress created through profiling processes.

We work with steel in all grades and thicknesses, with over 1000 tonnes of steel in stock, ensuring we can meet your unique specification requirements.


A number of normalising processes are offered through Colstan Profiles in order to relieve internal stress of steel parts, and further improve grain size, ductility, and microstructure consistency.

Normalising is a time- and cost-effective heat treatment method compared to alternative techniques, such as annealing.

Stress relieving.

We additionally offer stress relieving. Stress relieving reduces residual stresses caused by hot rolling, welding and cutting processes, without altering material properties like normalising does. This can make the stress relieving technique preferrable for certain project types.

Stress relieving is also used to minimise distortion and dimensional changes of the steel during further processes or within its application.


Your heat treatment process.

Our heat treatment processes prepare your steel product for further manufacture or improved performance in its application.

The heat treatment process is designed to complement Colstan Profiles’ wider profiling service, so that our customers can partner with us for the complete production of their steel parts and components.

At Colstan Profiles, our service has been streamlined over our decades of establishment to provide our valued customers with an end-to-end subcontract service, delivering your product on-time and to specification.