CNC Plasma
cutting services

High-definition, CNC plasma cutting

9m x 3m machine beds

Material gauge from 0.5mm – 300mm

Providing a high-definition plasma cutting service for professionally profiled parts.

Backed by ISO9001: 2015 and decades of industry establishment, Colstan Profiles is relied upon for our subcontracted plasma cutting. Our expert team works from your drawings to undertake plasma profiling on steel, utilising the latest machinery and technology to ensure precision and time- and cost-efficiency. Our high-definition plasma machine ensures superior cutting capabilities.

Colstan Profiles’ versatile service is suitable for projects of all sizes, producing simple and complex steel products.

Plasma cutting capabilities.

Our plasma cutting service can be used for steel profiling as well as etching of parts and components, undertaken on a CNC machine with a 9m x 3m bed.

Alongside this, we can handle material thickness from 0.5mm to 300mm, appropriate for the cutting of thick steel and thinner sheet.

Tolerances top face +/- 1.0mm, depending on thickness and length of steel.

We additionally hold a range of steel in stock, ensuring a wide range of quality grades and thicknesses that are easily accessible for competitive lead times.

Plasma Cuttingv3

Other services.

Our plasma profiling is available as a stand-alone operation or in conjunction with additional services.

Colstan Profiles provides a comprehensive profiling and fabrication service, including secondary operations such as Lumsden grinding, chamfering, and machining, with finishing options to ensure your plasma cut parts are delivered to a high standard.

We further offer delivery, achieved through our own logistics fleet, to safely deliver your parts on time.

Plasma vs flame cutting.

Colstan Profiles offers both plasma and flame profiling.

Plasma cutting may be preferrable on your project as it provides a smoother edge cut compared to flame cutting, and can also be more cost-effective, depending on the material thickness.