Shot Blasting

Enhanced surface finish

Air-blast / wheel-blast techniques

Range of media size available

For steel parts finished to high standards, Colstan Profiles offers shot blasting.

Our shot blasting service is provided as part of our project management capabilities, meaning we can oversee the complete production of your profiled steel parts.
Specialising in profiled steel, our expert team can carry you through the whole production process, ensuring your parts are finished to expectation – whether meeting aesthetic values or performance standards.

This end-to-end service is designed to save you the time and trouble of finding additional subcontractors, while still meeting the time constraints and quality standards of your project.

Shot blasting capabilities.

A range of high-quality abrasive medias are available as part of our shot blasting operations to achieve the desired outcome for your steel part.

We utilise air-blast and wheel-blast techniques, matching your product requirements with the most efficient and effective process to remove surface material.

Eliminating imperfections.

Shotblasting services are provided to eliminate surface imperfections and defects, including burrs, that have occurred during manufacturing processes. This removal aids further fabrication processes and improves the surface quality of the component. Alongside this, shotblasting eliminates any contamination picked up during the production process, such as dirt and rust.

We recommend shot blasting to improve the performance and appearance of your steel product.

Shot Blasting

Working with Colstan Profiles.

Colstan Profiles has been established for over thirty-five years, and in this time, we’ve evolved our steel profiling service to provide a comprehensive offering for our customers.

With profiling, secondary fabrication and machining operations available, plus finishing services including shot blasting, Colstan Profiles works from customer drawings to transform the varied steel range we hold in stock.

We work with steel in a number of grades and thicknesses, taking on all sized products and project volumes to meet demand as your reliable subcontract partner.